Bekerja di Kapal Pesiar – Deskripsi Pekerjaan untuk Departemen Penerima Tamu dan Keuangan

Last updated on December 26th, 2019.

Chief steward

The chief steward is subordinate to the hotel manager. The chief passenger ste­­­ward is responsible for the cleanliness of all passengers cabins, pool area, cor­­­ridors, public areas (however not in the dining room), shopping arcade, wor­­­king offices, and hotel crew corridors. The chief passengers’ steward’s du­ties are control of all equipment in his care, and cleaning materials, res­pon­si­ble for requisitioning inventory and main­taining, the care and maintenance of all floor care equipment issued. The chief pas­senger steward is in charge of the following cabin services: cleaning of all passenger cabins, room service pro­­vided by the ship to the cabins, bar service to cabins, bell service to cabins, pas­­senger baggage handling, distribution of announcements. All together the chief steward supervises all service provided by the company.

Guest relation officer

To assist the guest relation manager in all aspects pertaining to the guest relations departments. The guest relations officer is also to provide a high profile of quality guest services. He\She must be capable of handling all complaints and problems to the guest’s satisfaction. Duties and responsibilities include sales of stamps, postcards, cookbook’s and mini-menus as requested, keeping accurate accounting records of sales, signing guest up for all galley tour visits, registering repeaters, VIP, and travel agents parties and forwarding all invitations to the guest, maintaining, lost and found area and record, reporting any cabin change requests, solving any guest complaints or problems, making ship announcements in several languages as directed, validating guest’s ship credit card for all ship purchases, cashing traveller checks and currency after banking hours.


The telephonist acts as a dispatcher on board the ship, handling for all passenger inquiries

Chief accountant

Responsible for all banking functions, responsible for all cash management, responsible for all cash floats (i.e., front desk, guest accounts, slop chest) shipboard auditor, concessionaire reconciliation, settlement and accounting, accounting journal, management of flash reporting (captain and department heads and shoreside accounting), responsible for voyage end deposits and banking, shore excursion/island accounts.

Guest accountant

Daily balance of all POS/registers, daily balance of SBR to PMS system and passenger folios, monitor guest CC sign up, spending, and activity, handle all guest prepaid and complimentary accounting, voyage end discrepancies, supervise onboard credit sign up, folio management, passenger folio voyage closeout procedures, -run guest statements, -cash payments guest batch posting, responsible for reverse cash float management (i.e., binge settlements) responsible for operating guest banking desk.

F&B accountant

Prepare daily food cost report (passenger and crew), prepare daily management reports, bar revenue accounting, weekly food reports, food and beverage flash reporting (food and beverage departments) reconciles provisions (requisitioning/receipt loading and issuing and usage) audit and reconcile food and beverage overtime requests, inventory control.

Crew accountant

Responsible for cash float for payroll, Bi-monthly cash payroll, gratuity management and disbursement, crew charging and collections, sign on/sign off wages/collections, administer crew welfare account, crew folio voyage close procedures -run crew statements/manage crew A/R, prepare management reports for shipboard crew expenditures, reconcile overtime.

System specialist

Reports to chief accountant, responsible for shipboard system support, responsible for POS repairs and maintenance, responsible for PMS, responsible for daily resets and voyage leads/closings, responsible for all shipboard systems training, responsible for all software upgrades, manage PC/LAN network manage all PC/LAN hardware and software, responsible for all system backups, responsible for ad hoc management report generation, assist accounting department as required.

Night auditor

Balance of revenue centre on a daily basis, assist voyage end close (cash application, balancing, filing, coordination of source documents to shoreside office), batch posting of guest charges, investigate guest discrepancies, assist guest services desk with immigration/customs, assist cash payment collection, credit card authorization/settlement nightly procedures, support guest, crew, and F&B accountants.

Accounting assistant

Assist preparation of bi-monthly payroll, -assist guest accounts with voyage close, audit and reconcile hotel overtime requests, provide guest banking, assist guest accountant in operation of guest banking desk, assist cash payment collection, support guest, crew, and F&B accountants.

Desk-top publisher

The desk-top publisher is supervised by the hotel manager. He/she must coordinate and produce all written communications towards passengers, He/she develops printed formats of the onboard newsletter, menus etc… He/she develops the list of daily onboard passenger activities. He/she develops outlets together with the cruise staff and hostesses with translations for foreign languages. He/she must participate in mandatory safety drills.


The concierge reports to the chief steward. The concierge absolutely needs a ser­­­­vice minded attitude. The concierge is responsible for providing V.I.P. ser­vi­ce to all passengers occupying suite cabins and to V.I.P. passengers. The con­cier­­­ge is responsible for handling all requests for private cocktail parties, can­d­le­­­light dinners and other private functions from passengers occupying suites and for penthouse pas­sengers as mentioned above. He will assist in making ap­­­pointments for beauty/barber shop, sauna and massage, obtaining tickets for special shows or onboard functions etc.

Crew purser

The Crew Purser is subordinate to the hotel manager. He assigns cabins for all ca­tegories of officers, staff and crew, keeps a berthing plan up to date at all times with sufficient back-up. All cabin changes and requests go through the crew purser. He signs on all crew, issues a crew number, issues life jackets, is­sues crew cards, issues keys, issues relevant emergency instructions and deck plans, issues rules and regulations, supplies uniform, print/type door name la­bels, signs off the crew, runs safety deposit box service for the crew. Performs a crew check 30 minutes prior to departure from any port, act as liaison officer for of­fi­cers, staff and crew, act as welfare officer, logs all reports of missing/lost keys con­­taining sufficient information to later investigate if necessary, keeps in­ven­to­­ry of maritime uniform effect, assists staff captain with maintenance, good or­­der and harmony in crew quarters, inspects crew cabins every week with the staff captain, brings up with the staff captain at any time any problems that might occur with the crew, as necessary, assists purser’s office.

Cruise consultant

The cruise consultant is supervised by the chief purser/hotel manager and sales and marketing department ashore. He/she during the cruise sells future cruises to onboard passengers, and therefore must have extensive cruise know-how, and sales know-how, and travel experience from the respective cruise line. He/she helps with embarkation/debarkation procedures. He/she has administrative duties in the purser’s department. He/she must have good communication and social skills. He/she must participate in mandatory crew safety drills

Crew steward

The crew steward is supervised by the crew purser. His/her responsibilities are crew documentation, issuing of crew identity cards, crew customs clearance, all administrative duties regarding the crew, assignment of cabins to new crew members. He/she supervises the crew recreation room, crew bar, messrooms, and makes sure that all rules are adhered to such as cleanliness, comfort and maintenance. He/she performs inspections in all crew areas: crew cabins, crew leisure room, crew bar, and makes sure that all hygiene rules are adhered to, and reports the necessity of maintenance. He/she is also responsible for induction tours to a new crew. He/she supervises crew welfare activities. He/she must have excellent communication skills. He/she must have a good knowledge of U.S.P.H. rules and regulations. He/she must participate in alls mandatory safety drills.

Night receptionist

The night receptionist is supervised by the chief purser. He/she is responsible for night receptionist activities such as billing of passenger accounts, night reception attendance, cabin charges, telephone and paging, financial administration. etc… See also the receptionist job description. He/she must participate in mandatory safety drills.


Receptionist means working in shifts at the reception and pursers desk. Duties include: handling passenger complaints, dealing with passengers requests, process embarkation and debarkation documentation. He/she provides general information to passengers, answers telephone calls, and works with a reservation system. Many ships use Fidelio software for their reservation system. He/she must participate in all mandatory safety drills

Assistant purser

The assistant purser reports to the chief purser and ultimately to the hotel ma­na­­­­ger. The assistant purser is responsible for the day-to-day passenger service tasks and transactions in the front and back office. He is responsible for giving ge­­neral information service to passengers. He is responsible for assignments and changes of cabins for passengers as per instruction and company policy. He accounts and credits on the hotel accounting system. He is responsible for the distribution of mail to crew and passengers. He is responsible for typing of daily news, invitations, telexes, reports etc. He is responsible for assisting in sel­­ling shore excursion tickets. He is responsible for the cleanliness of the front and back office. He is responsible for handling lost property and follows up. He assists with the collection of cruise tickets during embarkation and all de­tails for disembarkation. He assists the social director with administrative work. He operates the casino onboard at the assigned opening hours. He handles passengers questions at the reception office promptly and cour­te­ous­ly at all times.

Assistant cruise director/purser

The assistant cruise director/purser reports to the cruise director and ul­ti­ma­te­ly to the hotel manager. The assistant cruise director is responsible for shore ex­cursion operation and sales and its related accounting, he assists with the man­ning of the front desk in addition to general assistance to the cruise di­rec­tor. He is responsible for assisting in selling shore exursion tickets. He assists the cruise director in the operations of shore excursions. He informs all de­part­ments involved in the correct number of shore excursion participants. He is res­ponsible for staffing the information desk. He is responsible for giving ge­ne­ral information service to guests and keeping guests informed of all events each day. He assists in assigning and changing of suites for guests as per in­struc­tion. He assists in the distribution of mail, and in the handling of passengers ac­counts and credits on the hotel department’s accounting system. He is res­pon­sible for assisting the chief purser when required. While staffing the re­cep­tions desk, he is responsible for the cleanliness of the front and back office is al­so responsible for handling the lost property. He is responsible for telexing the port agents with the shore excursion program and excursion counts. He as­sists in revising the shore excursion program, with the cruise director, as re­qui­red. He sends out invitations for onboard parties. He prepares full shore ex­cur­sion reports at the end of each excursion. He is responsible for reporting up­da­ted shore excursion operational schedules, guide evaluations, etc. He as­sists the cruise director with administrative work. He handles passengers’ ques­­tions at the reception office promptly and courteously at all times.

Chief purser

The chief purser is in overall charge of financial and administrative departments onboard. The responsibilities of him/her include crew-, passenger- and concessionaire accounts. Cabin assignments, embarkation and debarkation procedures, dealing with customs, He/she also oversees the reception and pursers’ desk. He/she must be able to instruct and train those working in the respective areas. He/she is responsible for all funds, controls all expenses, controls and monitors budgets, and manning schedules. Togheter with the pursers he/she controls working schedules.



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