Bekerja di Kapal Pesiar – Deskripsi Pekerjaan untuk Departemen Kasino

Casino staff

Onboard today there are big casinos, Americans love to gamble. You will need the necessary gaming skills, Dealers need approx three years of experience with two games. Slot technicians need approx one to three years experience. (Carnival slot technicians need only a little experience) They will consider training onboard if you have the right temperament, for further positions such as dealer or cashier. Working in the casino means having the right attitude towards every guest.

Casino cashier

This job consists of receiving and paying out money and keeping records of exchange transactions in the shipboard casino. Persons in this position will provide customer assistance through the exchange of various types of monetary notes, coins credit and casino chips and helpful information. Cashiers are responsible for smooth, efficient and accurate monetary exchange. Persons holding this position are required to maintain cage security as well as the accuracy of various reports regarding authorization forms, reconciliation of transactions and exchange summary reports. Cashiers must also provide excellent customer service by assisting and providing helpful information.

Casino dealer

Dealers are responsible for conducting a variety of casino games according to the rules of the game and casino operation policies. Dealers ensure that wagering is carried out properly and bets are handled appropriately. Dealers are responsible for the accurate exchange and recording of monetary transactions at the table. They must ensure the appropriate pace of the game trough the handling of cards, dice, chips, money and other gaming equipment, Dealers must consistently inform players of the rules and what is occurring as the game progresses. Courtesy and helpfulness to players are fundamental requirements of the position. They must adapt to the special requirements of a living working environment onboard.

Casino slot technician

Casino slot technicians are responsible that slot machines, money changers, coin-handling equipment, and video games are functional, well maintained and regularly serviced. They have customers assistance responsibilities to passengers, explaining games and jackpot pay-outs: a strong ‘floor presence’ is therefore necessary. The casino slot technicians are responsible for efficiently assisting the head slot technician to ensure that all machines are functional and ready to play and preparing requisitions for spare parts and orders.


The croupier conducts gambling and card gaming activities in the ship’s casino. He/she runs roulette tables and deals card games and he/she has to follow all rules and regulations set in the casino. He/she has to participate in all safety drills. Most casinos on board require American style casino games. He/she needs good social and communication skills to deal with passengers.

Pit boss

The pit boss is an employee, who works behind the casino scene and monitors several activities in the casino and is responsible for all floor security and controlling of activities at slot machines, casino activities at gambling tables, controls gamblers bets and maintains and controls all standard casino procedures. He/she supervises the pay-out and has the right to interfere in gaming activities when necessary. He/she must have a good know-how of all casino games and casino regulations He/she participate in all mandatory safety drills.

Assistant casino manager

The asst. casino manager assists the casino manager. He/she supervises all casinos onboard. He/she supervises croupiers, dealers, slot technicians, cashiers, trainee cashiers etc. He/she checks all operations within the casinos. He/ she assist passengers with required casino services and correct information. He/she checks whether all casino procedures are adhered to. He/she checks the manning and weekly work-schedules. He/she must be able to train and monitor all new casino staff. Therefore a good understanding of all American games is a must as well as good communication skills. He/she must participate in all mandatory safetey drills and has an understanding of all U.SP.H. rules and regulations

Casino manager

The casino manager is totally responsible for all casino operations onboard. He/she is responsible for all administrative and financial procedures and works closely with the hotel manager and the chief purser. He/she supervises the asst. casino managers, the croupiers, the dealers, the slot technicians, the slot cashiers, the trainee cashiers. He/she makes sure that all casino procedures are adhered to and has responsibilities for cash funding, and casino pay-outs. He/she is responsible for manning and weekly or bi-weekly work schedules He/she must be able to train asst. casino managers and all casino personnel. He/she must participate in all mandatory safety drills and has an understanding of all U.S.P.H. regulations.

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