Bekerja di Kapal Pesiar – Deskripsi Pekerjaan untuk Departemen Bar

Bar utility

The barboy is a trainee position to be promoted into other positions in the beverage departments. The employee assists the bartender in keeping the bar and pantry clean and organized.

Barwaitress/er cocktail waiters

The bar/wine waiter/waitress reports to the barkeeper in the respective bar where he or she is assigned. Your department head is the Maitre d’ and ul­ti­ma­­tely the hotel manager. You may work in the bar, dining room, lounges or on deck. They will put you where they need you during the day. You will have to make sure that you are familiar with all kinds of drinks and cocktails.

Ad­di­tio­­na­lly you will have to make sure that you have an excellent wine-know­led­ge. You need a service-minded attitude. Areas of responsibility, you are res­pon­­sible for the table and mise en place. You are responsible for the beverage ser­­­­vice at your assigned area, you are responsible for cleaning and main­ten­an­ce procedures.

Deck steward

The deck steward reports directly to the barkeeper. His supervision is the Maitre d’ and ultimately the hotel manager. The deck steward is the one who or­­ganizes everything on deck but handles no drinks. He sets up tables and chairs, prepares mise en place, outside.

Performs all duties as registered. Is re­s­ponsible for keeping everything clean. Assists only when necessary with drinks and food service on deck. Service-minded attitude. He performs any si­de jobs assigned to him. He assists in storing and luggage when requested.

Pool attendant

The pool attendant is supervised by the asst. cruise director. He/she is responsible for all cleanliness and sanitation of the pool areas, which include: jacuzzi, sauna, pools, showers, etc…. He/she works closely together with the snack steward or cafe attendant and makes sure that all deck chairs and towels are in order and ready for the passengers.

He/she is also responsible for all cleanliness in the area especially for garbage disposal etc…He/she must have an understanding of U.S.P.H. rules and regulations. He/she must participate in all mandatory safety drills


The assistant barkeeper reports directly to the barkeeper. The entire bar staff is su­­­per­vised by the Maitre d’ and ultimately the hotel manager. The assistant bar­­keeper su­per­vises the barwaiter/tresses and the deck stewards. The assistant barkeeper is responsible for bar service and beverage sales in and outside the respective bar to which he is assigned.

He is responsible for main­­tenance and cleaning in the respective bar and bar pantry. He is res­pon­si­ble for stock and accounting control. He is responsible for an excellent efficient ser­­vice to the passengers. Where possible he trains and instructs new staff and sets up work schedules. He makes sure that everything is up to USPH stan­­dard. Needs a service-minded attitude.


The barkeeper reports directly to the Maitre d’. He is responsible for the ser­vi­ce at the bars and for the area outside the respective bars. In the absence of the bar­keeper, the asst. barkeeper takes over his responsibilities. The barkeeper su­­­per­­­vises: assistant barkeepers, barwaiter/tresses and deck steward.

The bar­kee­­­per is responsible for: the bar service and beverage sales in and outside the res­pec­tive bar. He is res­pon­sible for the bar stock of beverages. He follows in­ven­tory control procedures. He is responsible for work schedules. He is res­pon­si­ble for excellent efficient services in his assigned area. He is res­pon­si­ble for main­tenance and cleaning up to USPH stan­dards. Where possible he is res­pon­si­ble for training and instructions to new staff, especially International cock­tails.

Assistant bar manager

Duties of the asst. bar manager are: making sure that all beverage outlets are handling a quick beverage service to the passengers. The asst bar manager supervises the bartenders, barwaiters and cocktail waitresses. The asst. bar manager reports directly to the bar manager.

He/she supervises and inspects the bar and lounges onboard. He/she is responsible for ordering and supply of stock in all bar and beverage outlets. He/she makes plans for rotation shifts of barwaiters and bartenders. He/she should be able to train bartenders and barwaiters. Therefore beverage know-how and cocktail know-how is a must. Duties: include also understanding of U.S.P.H. and safety regulations.

Bar manager

The bar manager is in overall charge of all bars and beverage service outlets. He/she supervises the asst. bar manager, bartenders, barwaiter and cocktail waitresses. He/she carries out inspections of all bars and beverage service outlets. He/she in conjunction with the asst. barmanager makes work schedules for all beverage personnel. He/she makes sure that there is a high service-level at all bars and beverage outlets. The barmanager works also closely with the hotel manager to control special events and parties.

He/she must have good communication skills and understanding of how to deal with pax and how to deal with very demanding pax. He/she is responsible for: administration, inventories, and cost control procedures. He/she must be able to conduct a professional cocktail and beverage training to all bar personnel. Naturally, the barmanager must have an understanding of U.S.P.H. rules and must attend all safety drills

The crew mess attendant

The crew mess attendant reports directly to the Maitre d’. The entire service staff is supervised by the Maitre d’ and ultimately to the hotel manager. He as­sists the cook in taking food and utensils needed for breakfast, lunch and din­ner for crew members to and from the respective service area.

He is res­pon­si­ble for preparing sufficient mise en place of cutlery, china, glasses, ashtrays for officers and crew. He is responsible for the cleaning and sanitizing of the whole crew and officer mess areas in­clu­ding floors, walls, fridges etc.

He checks on a continuous basis all equipment, swit­ches, plugs, fridges etc. and re­­ports any irregularities to the Maitre d’. He assists in sto­rage procedures when­ever requested. He makes sure everything in his area is up to USPH-stan­dar­ds and has a service-minded attitude.

Bell captain

The bell captain position is actually similar to the snack steward or room steward position. Duties include: food and beverage deliveries to the passenger cabins, respond to special requests from the passenger, such as special orders, etc… cleaning of the pantry, assisting the concierge onboard. The bell captain must have an understanding of U.S.P.H. regulations and has to participate in crew safety drills.

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