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Info Cruise International has more than 25 years of experience in Europe and Indonesia and market leader when it comes to this type of training.

Info Cruise International lebih dari 25 tahun pengalaman di Eropa dan Indonesia. dan pemimpin pasar dalam hal pelatihan tentang industri kapal pesiar.

An objective, independent company which has one interest:

  • Those who want to work on a cruise ship, should first of all have access to the correct information about this subject.
  • This will benefit: Info Cruise Int., The Candidate, The Recruiter, The Cruise Line and most important of all the persons who keep this industry going: The Passenger

Sebuah perusahaan objektif dan independen yang memiliki satu tujuan:

  • Memberi informasi yang benar dan akurat untuk mereka yang ingin bekerja di kapal pesiar.
  • Hal ini akan menguntungkan Info Cruise International, pelamar, perekrut, perusahaan kapal pesiar dan, yang paling penting, orang-orang yang menopang dan mempertahankan industri ini, yaitu Penumpang

Info Cruise International Basics:

  • We monitor all cruise recruitment activities, contacts, jobs, cruise line requirements, etc….
  • Correct Information about working on cruise ships
  • How to apply so that you impress the cruise line
  • Where to apply?
  • Who are the legitimate recruiters?

Layanan dasar yang disediakan oleh Info Cruise International:

  • Kami memonitor semua kegiatan perekrutan kapal pesiar, kontak, pekerjaan, persyaratan perusahaan kapal pesiar, dll
  • Informasi yang benar tentang bekerja di kapal pesiar
  • Cara melamar sehingga Anda memberi kesan baik pada perusahaan kapal pesiar
  • Di mana lokasi untuk melamar?
  • Siapa perekrut yang resmi dan sah?

Bekerja di Kapal Pesiar - untuk semua orang Indonesia
Bekerja di Kapal Pesiar

Read more in our book about how the cruise industry is organised when it comes to recruiting. It is available at our regular training days.

Baca lebih lanjut dalam buku kami tentang bagaimana industri kapal pesiar diatur dalam hal perekrutan. Buku ini bisa di dapat di hari-hari training tertentu.

About Michel van de Pol

Info–Cruise was founded in 1991 by Michel van de Pol, who is having extensive work experience with several cruise companies, such as Poseidon, Renaissance, Royal Viking Line, Seabourn and more. While working there I soon realized that those interested in finding employment in the Cruise Industry had absolutely no access to accurate information. And with many ‘fairy stories’ around regarding shipslife, it needed to be explained what ships life is really about.

Michel van de Pol
Michel van de Pol, Presiden & Pendiri Info Cruise International

Since its start Info-Cruise has grown tremendously and as a bonus is helping to ease recruitment problems. The hiring of personnel is not the main problem – keeping them is. Accurate information provided by Info-Cruise plays a major part in selecting the right calibre of people who are fully prepared for shipslife. Info-Cruise is now working in the Netherlands, Belgium and Indonesia.

Own publications are this website and most importantly Info-Cruise has published a book ‘Working on Cruise Ships’ which with the assistance of the industry has become a recognized guide and highly recommended by several recruiters worldwide.

Information days and Trainings

These are designed for those interested in a possible career in the Cruise Industry but do not know where to obtain information as to what the requirements are. They are a great success in The Netherlands, Belgium, Switserland and Indonesia. The reality of ships life is explained and employment opportunities discussed as well as provided information on how to prepare and apply.

World map Info Cruise Locations
World map Info Cruise Locations

Feel free to contact us with any enquiry you might have here

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